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Serviced Apartments � Home Away from Home

Date Added: January 13, 2010 06:53:15 AM
Author: Magic Logix
Category: News & Media: Real Estate
What does a person look for if he has to stay at a place for a duration longer than a week? Maybe a hotel room is what one thinks of. In the current recession the cost to rent even an economy room which perhaps offers you the very basic amenities is very expensive indeed. The reason being hotel room bills do not just include the hiring charges. There are other things to pay for like expensive food bills, the laundry which is a must and any other special services that a person avails of during the stay period. When totaled up, these bills could cost a lot of hard earned money.

Something which does provide all the comfort of a home is now available as the Serviced apartments or furnished apartments as are commonly known. These apartments are meant for short term housing needs. They provide most of the basic amenities needed during the stay and are generally semi or fully furnished.

Who goes for a furnished apartment?

People who travel out of their city for business are mostly the ones who look around for these short term housing options. There are also corporate groups who would like to hire these furnished apartments for their employees and senior corporate people. Such apartments fall under the category of �Corporate apartments� as it is called in more general language. The apartments are rented out to people on lease or agreement between the two parties. The duration of stay could be anything as short as a month or more in case of long term stay.

Short term Housing Vs Hotel accommodation

If one compares the hiring charges of both corporate apartments to their counterpart (hotel room) the argument can be easily justified. Most of these furnished apartments turn out to be very cost effective in the long run. Of course the comparison in a very short duration stay is baseless here.

There are other benefits of these houses of course other than the budget part. It is a fact that one feels much more at ease when staying at an apartment than a hotel room. The factor of privacy just cannot be achieved at a hotel however luxurious it may claim to be.

One very evident reason for hiring an apartment on short term basis is when one travels with the family. Formal accommodations at a hotel do not turn out very good when one travels out with family. The hotels at times lack the freedom and space which is a must with a family outing. Then there are families and friends travelling in larger groups at times for leisure outings. These houses are big enough to accommodate even larger family units. This is just not possible at a hotel unless one divides up the group into smaller units and hires many rooms. The very fact to be together at a family outing gets diluted. In any case the furnished accommodation is available; it is a better choice indeed.


Hassan Bawab is the author of this article on Corporate apartments. Find more information about serviced apartments here.


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